Topolabamba Tipping Policy

All customer cash tips and service charges are kept by restaurant employees in full.

When tips or service charge are paid for by a credit card or debit card, we take a small 5% charge to cover credit card charges and bank fees, before distributing the remainder to our employees. Tips and service charges are paid in full in addition to the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage. In practice, this means for every £1 in tips given on a credit card, our teams will keep 95p and 5p will cover credit card charges and bank fees.

We operate an HMRC approved TRONC payroll on behalf of our employees to avoid them having to engage with a third-party payroll company for the administration of TRONC payroll. We charge £1.02 per week per employee based on current market rates which we review annually. It is not mandatory for staff to use our TRONC payroll.

Any tips paid in cash are retained by the individual waiter. They may or may not have arrangements in place to share these tips with other employees in the restaurant and staff in the restaurant kitchen. It is the responsibility of those receiving cash tips to declare the income for tax purposes to HM Revenue & Customs. The company does not participate in any aspect of cash tips.

Topolabamba and all of its restaurant businesses fully support the UK Hospitality (UKH) voluntary code of best practice on service charges and tips. More details of this code can be found on the UKH website.

In addition to tips, our employees benefit from 35% Employee Discount across all Topolabamba Brands on food, and a 50% discount on team meals whilst on duty along with numerous incentives for our teams to get involved in.